Early Season Teal
Regular Season Duck Hunting
Near Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee

Regular Season Duck Hunts



We offer some of the finest duck hunting in all of the Mississippi Flyway. Our primary location, “The Pit” is a 35′ pit that is 8′ wide and 6′ deep. It features both gas (heat, oven and stove) and electricity (lights, electric cookers, refrigerators, ice eaters, electronic duck decoys and pumps).

“The Pit” is located in a flooded corn field that has a minimum of 2 acres of standing corn left each year. The corn is great, but what makes this place so special is where it is located. Historic Reelfoot Lake, The Mississippi River, and 3 different waterfowl refuges are all within 1.5 miles as well as being in the flight line of Otter Slough and 10 Mile Pond in Mo. to/from Reelfoot.

WE DO NOT FREEZE UP!!! We run a 10in. deep well that is piped into the hole. The nearest waterfowl refuge, which we are separated from by nothing more than a gravel road, also runs pumps. This allows the refuge to stay open no matter how cold it gets. For most of the duck hunting season, the numbers of waterfowl are astounding and bald eagle numbers can reach upwards of 350 birds with state park eagle tours routinely seeing 30-40 with some trips spotting over 80 birds.

In “The Pit”, we provide a fresh, cooked in the pit, breakfast every morning and lunch if needed as we will hunt until sunset if need be in order to give our clients every available opportunity to harvest their limit of ducks. We strive to provide the most enjoyable and memorable experience possible. We feel we can accomplish this by putting as many birds as possible as close as we can. We also believe in creating a safe environment. We are very safety conscious, so we have a few basic rules in place to keep our waterfowl hunters, and our selves, safe from injury.

We run 30dz. Higdon “Battleship” duck decoys and 20dz Herter’s Millenniums, and close to 40dz. fully flocked speck and canada goose decoys. When duck numbers swell, we will add up to an additional 50dz fillers consisting of mostly G&H, GHG, and Flambeau.

While we target ducks and specks (White-fronted Geese), we also shoot several snow geese and the occasional canada goose. During the regular season, our most common bird is the mallard by a very large margin. Gadwall duck, American Shoveler duck, and white-fronted goose round out the top 4 in that order.

While those are the most common, we take a huge variety of ducks and geese. Everything from pintails to hooded mergansers, canvasbacks and red heads to widgeon and wood ducks. We even manage, on rare occasions, to take buffle heads, ruddy ducks, and common golden eyes.

Lodging is available less than 2 mile from “The Pit”

Early Season Teal Hunts





Due to the explosion in the Blue Winged Teal population, Tn was granted an expanded teal season that increased both the number of days to hunt and the bag limit. This increased prompted us to implement a plan to target these early migrating ducks. This past season (Sept. 2014), we decided to see just how well flooding the corn as soon as it was cut would produce. We were very pleased!

We will now be booking teal hunts for this season permitting that corn is cut and we have time to flood and catch birds. The hunting is relatively simple but extremely fast paced. We stand in the uncut corn, and most hunts are over (limits) before the sun is even up.

We do not hunt afternoons, nor do we hunt consecutive days. In order to kill teal consistently, we must allow them to rest.

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