We are a mere 3 days into Tennessee late goose season and it has been phenomenal. no hunt has lasted more than a couple hours and we could have easily limited twice the number of hunters we have had. Large flocks of eager to work birds makes it so much fun. If you suffer from the end of duck season blues, i highly suggest getting after some specks.

while we do not hold the numbers some areas further west do, here at Snowstorm Outfitters, we still manage to harvest good numbers of specks. over the course of the last week, we have taken 70 limits (140 birds) of white fronted geese while duck hunting. in the next few days as duck season comes to a close, we will be shifting from a predominate duck spread to a hybrid speck/snow goose spread. this will consist of about 20 of the white spread and a shift of the darks (dark geese, i.e. specks and canadas).

it seems the specks were a bit later in showing up this year, but then again, winter was late to arrive. be sure to check out the results of our hunts at SSO under the photos tab. i’ll be doing my best to have everything in descending order starting with most recent.

Friday, we hunted in a blizzard. the results were expected. 12 man limit of ducks and specks. it seems many people question the idea of hunting in heavy snow and high wind. well, the birds don’t want to be out in it either. get close to a roost (within 2 miles) and get ready. birds still have to meet their daily needs.

That is exactly what has taken place so far this season. warmest December on record along with the Mississippi river hitting its highest crest during duck season (2nd highest ever), would make one think that the hunting must be terrible. well, i have to say that is not the case. we have recorded or 4th best December ever even with the worst conditions imaginable. Reelfoot lake duck hunting has also managed to stay somewhat decent through all of this.

Now, the river has finally hit it’s crest and is falling and we have cold weather on the way. with everything shaping up in this way, we are set to have a very strong finish to the 15-16 duck season and a fantastic start to the 2016 spring Snow Goose conservation season.

This article will kick off a series of short post detailing what goes into the before, during and after of a duck hunting season.

Duck hunting flooded corn in the Reelfoot area all but requires very large quantities of decoys to be competitive. This year, in addition to our all ready huge decoy spread, we will be adding 30 dozen Battleship duck decoys. We chose to use these in the flooded corn for 2 main reasons. They are foam filled, thus virtually impossible to sink, and they are very large. Size is a critical feature as visibility is one of the most important aspects of drawing distant ducks.