Tennessee Snow Goose Hunting

While Tennessee is not well known for its snow goose hunting, the north west corner of the state sees numbers that rival anywhere in the flyway. With Reelfoot Lake and The Mississippi River both within 1.5 miles, the geese need to look no further for what they need for the winter and early spring.

Because of our location, we see a lot of birds that are simply looking for less pressured areas than NE Arkansas, and the boot heel of Missouri. We are also smack in the middle of the migration corridor of birds heading to Illinois.

We hunt out of “The Pit” and are successful because we run huge spread – the type of which we do not know of to exist anywhere else.

WE HUNT SNOW GEESE OVER WATER. We chose water because water is very rarely hunted for snow geese and in our experience, snow geese feel much more comfortable on the water than in a field. Migrating geese have 3 basic needs: food, water, and a place to rest. Hunting them over water provides all three of these and it reflects in our success.

The spread consists of over 200 full bodies, approx. 1400 floaters ( 960 are new Higdons) and over 1000 white fillers. We also use a top of the line 4 speaker caller, and depending on the day, may run over 2 dozen flyers.

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